Dashboards act as a business intelligence tool by providing a snapshot of your data in various forms. You can use a dashboard to simultaneously present data from up to six charts and data views.

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Email Alerts

Receive email alerts as soon as a submission comes through and send out confirmation emails to your respondents automatically. Send customized emails to the right people at the right time.

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Duplicate Detection Rules

To maintain the integrity of your data, it’s a good idea to have rules in place to reduce duplicate records in the system.

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Form Builder
Feature-rich easy-to-use online form builder lets you build a customized online forms to fit your exact needs in minutes.
Conditional Logic

Create form rules and recommendations to apply conditional logic without writing code. Form rules provide a simple interface to implement and maintain fast-changing and commonly used rules.

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Define how a list of records for a specific form is displayed in the application, the columns to display, how wide each column should be, and how the list of records should be sorted.

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Apply filters to view select records. Filtering is a useful way to see only the data you want displayed. You can use filters to display specific records in data entries.

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Present large quantities of data in your organization in a more insightful and graphical way by creating useful charts and pivot grids.

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Captisa Forms provides a set of capabilities to manage teams and roles. Team membership determines which forms a user is allowed to see.

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