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Why Captisa Forms Conditional Logic?

Create form rules and recommendations to apply conditional logic without writing code. Form rules provide a simple interface to implement and maintain fast-changing and commonly used rules.

Don't take our word for it. See it in Action

Select Mobile Phone as Preferred Method of Contact and notice Mobile Phone input field behavior becomes required. Click Submit button to see form message. While on it you can also try duplicate detection rule - it's a good idea to have duplicate rules in place to reduce duplicate records in your form entries. Ohhhhh... you can embed Captisa Online Forms seamlessly just like the form below.

Your all-in-one online form builder

Create free web forms with duplicate detection rules, workflows, conditional logic, multi-level select, lookup, repeating panels, tabs, accordions. Custom views and filters let you display specific settings and submissions. Present large quantities of data in your organization in a more insightful and graphical way by creating useful charts.