Conditional Logic

You can create form rules and recommendations to apply form logic without writing JavaScript code. Form rules provide a simple interface to implement commonly used rules. By combining conditions and actions, you can do the following with form rules:

  • Set field value based on formula, value from another field, and constant value
  • Clear field values
  • Make field required
  • Show or hide fields
  • Enable or disable fields
  • Validate data and show error messages
  • Change field instructions

Create a form rule

1. Make sure you are a member of a team with 'Form Rules' security role.

2. Go to form explorer.

3. Select the form you want to create the form rule for, then click on 'Rules -> Form Rules' menu item from the toolbar.


4. Click

The form rule designer opens with a single condition and action created for you. The form rule takes one or more actions based on that condition.


5. Add a rule name in the description box.

6. Add condition. To Add condition:

a. Select a field from the list

b. Select an operator from the list.

c. Select or enter condition value

7. Add action. To add action:

a. Select an action from the list

b. Select field(s) for which you want to apply the action.

8. To save the form rule, click Save.

Example of a form rule to make fields required or not required based on value of another field. See form rule in action.